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Shae Thakker

Sport : Table tennis Denham, England, United Kingdom
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Hi my name is Shae and I am 14 and I play table tennis. I have now been playing for Five years, My long term goal / dream is to become an Olympian. I have represented GB in 5 Internationals and have Gold ! I am looking to fund further international events. I will have to train hard and enter as many competitions. I want to start to ramp up my ranking points and win as many competitions as I can. I am trying to put the hours in to reach my goals, therefore appreciate your help with getting me there and reaching my can search youtube for some of my videos just search Shae Thakker or check out Thank you for your support

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J  Jayshree £20GB
Small steps every other week .. a medal won, higher ranked player challenged, championship won, You continue to delight us all Shae :) Looking forward to more photos and videos from your proud dad. Pradyp & Jayshree

September 11, 2017

U  Urnisha £200GB
Follow your dreams shae xxx

August 17, 2017

H  Hari £20GB
All the best Shae

August 15, 2017

J  Jan and Colin Barlow £20GB
Be as great as you can be Shae. Good Luck 😊

August 14, 2017

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