Reason To pay tournament entry fee for the English Open, French Open & European Tour

£90GB / £300GB

Ended 7 years ago

Louis Tydeman Golf

Sport : Golf England, United Kingdom
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I’m 15 years old and started playing golf when I was 13, I am now playing at a high level of competitive golf in the division 1. Any sponsor money will help me out, it means I can pay the entry fee for the next competition and preform well and then I will be able to pay for my self. Please donate generously.The photo is of me looking very angry after missing a 3 foot putt to qualify for a tournament in Spain.

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  Anonymous £20GB
Good luck !

May 18, 2014

  Anonymous £20GB
Best of luck in helping fund your tournament fees

May 7, 2014

V  Victoria £50GB
For my star

May 3, 2014

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