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Leilani's fencing dream

Sport : Fencing Holsworthy, England, United Kingdom
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My name is Leilani and I am 15 years old.I am about to start my second season of fencing competitions. I have my equipment but as I am under 18 I travel with my parents. Accommodation and travel costs can be prohibitive to attending an event. Many competitions are not with in daily travel distance so overnight stays are essential. For example, I live in Devon but my first competition of the new season is in Essex. I am currently very low down the rankings as I only took part in three competitions last year, to move up the rankings I need to take part in at least 12 in a season and I hope to move up with more experience. I am hoping if I receive help from people out there, my parents will not have to worry about travel costs for at least a couple of events this season.

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