Frequently asked questions

Your Account and Other Questions

Do I have to register to make a donation?

You do not have to register to make a donation.

Can I register without a photo?

Yes. If you do not wish to provide a photo an image of the Inspire a Star logo will appear on your profile page.

What happens if I have forgotten my login name or password?

If you have forgotten your login name or password please click on the Login tab at the top of the page and click on forgotten login name or password. We will re-send a link to the e mail account that you used when you registered on the site.  

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes we are on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook  – Inspire A Star.  Twitter account –  @Inspireastar.  

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by e mail at info@ or by completing the box  found under the tab below “Contact Us”.  

What should I do if I see an offensive photo or message on the site?

Please go to the “Contact Us” tab at the bottom of the page and let us know where the offensive photograph or text appears and the time and date you have seen it.  

Sponsoring a Star

How do I make a donation?

Once you have found the Star you are looking for, click on the donate button on the right of the screen.  From this page you can fill in your information and donate the amount you wish to.  

How do I find the Star I am looking for?

There is a search box at the top of the website that allows you to search for a Star by their name, location or sport. Should you need to make an advanced search you can do so on the Sponsor a Star page.

How do I make an anonymous donation?

When you are making a donation there is a tick box that will allow you to make your donation anonymously.

Can I leave a message for the person?

Yes you are able to leave a message for the Star when you make your donation.  

Can I change or remove the message I have left?

You are not able to change, amend or remove any message that you have left when making your donation.  

If I make a donation can I share this on my Facebook page?

When you make a donation you will be asked if you would like to share this on your Facebook page.  

What happens if I sponsor and Star and they do not reach their target?

If the Star does not reach their target by the specified date  the funds raised less the transaction costs will be transferred to their or their parent or guardian’s bank account. They will be asked to spend the funds raised on their specified sport and let donors know how they were spent. For example if they have asked for a week at a tennis academy but only raise half of the funds they may use the funds to have individual coaching lessons or a number of group lessons.  

How do I know the Star is who they say they are?

In the majority of cases you are likely to know or be a friend of someone who knows the Star being sponsored. If you do not then it may be wise to check whether the person has links to their social media sites which mention what they are hoping to do or if they are a highly rated athlete check their rating on their sports governing website. We undertake random checks but are not able to guarantee that the individual is who they say they are or that they will use the donation for their stated purpose.  

If I am based in a different country to the Star can I still make a gift?

 If you are based in a different country you must make the gift via PayPal.  

Is my donation tax deductible?

  Inspire a Star is not a registered charity so for individuals in Australia we do not believe donations are deductible. Companies should seek advice as to whether donations qualify as promotional expenditure.

Are there any additional charges for me when I make a donation?

 When you make your donation there are no additional charges for you. The platform fee and finance charges we incur are taken from the amount raised. The fees are under the section “Help – Becoming s Star – are there any other fees?”  

Becoming a Star

How do I get going?

You should collate information about the price of your coaching or equipment, where you will do your coaching and the start date. You should also make sure you have a photo of yourself playing or ready to play your selected sport. Once you have these details please click on Become a Star at the top of the web page.  

Who can create a profile and become a Star?

If you are 18 or under or still in full-time education you can register your profile on the site. If you are under 16 you need your parent or guardian to enter their details at the end of the create your profile page.  

What currencies can I raise money in?

You can raise money in GB £ Sterling. If you are looking to raise money in another currency, please send us an e mail and let us know.

Will you check the information that I provide?

For Stars requesting less than £500 we verify the information provided for a sample of the population. For Stars requesting £500 or more we undertake more detailed checks.  

Is there a limit to how much money I can request?

If you are a beginner or new to a sport we would not normally expect you to be asking to raise more than £500. If you are already excelling at your chosen sport and are competing at a high level you may need to raise more money for fees for academies, international travel and equipment of higher specification. Where requests are made for £500 or above further verification checks will be carried out before a profile is released to the live site.  

How do I edit my page?

To edit your page you must login to the site. You should then click on the tab “Edit my page”.  

How do I extend my page?

To extend your page deadline you must login to the site. Once you are logged in you should click “Edit my deadline”. You are not able to extend your deadline beyond 60 days.  

How much does it cost to register?

It is completely free to register your profile on the Inspire a Star website. If you do not raise any money you pay nothing.  

Are there any other fees?

If you raise money on the website the only charges are an administration fee of 5% of the amount raised subject to a minimum fee of $5 and any finance charges associated with raising the money as set out in the Terms & Conditions. If you do not raise any money you will not be charged.

When can I share my page on Facebook?

Once you have received your Profile link you can share your page on Facebook.  

How do I increase my fundraising?

You can increase your fundraising by sending a gentle reminder and update a few weeks after your initial contact with your friends, contacts and followers. Do not bombard them with messages as this may discourage them from supporting you in the future.

What happens when I reach my fundraising target?

When you reach your fund raising target an e mail will be sent to you to let you know. If you have already provided your or your parent or guardian’s bank details we will make a transfer to the account within 7 working days  

What happens if I reach my fund raising target before my time expires?

If you reach your target before your time expires we will send you an e mail to let you know. If you have already provided your or your parent or guardian’s bank details we will make a transfer to the account within 7 working days.  

What happens if I do not reach my fund raising target in time?

If you do not reach your target before your time expires we will send you an e mail to let you know the amount you have raised. If you have already had your profile listed for more than 60 days then we will send you an e mail to let you know the amount we will be transferring to your or your parent or guardian’s bank account.   

How do I send a thank you message?

You can send a thank you message by logging on to the site.

When can I register another page on the site?

You can register another page on the site the day after your previous page has reached the “Close date”.  

Can a team register on the site?

Yes a team can register on the site. One member of the team should complete the profile on behalf of the whole team. You should select Team under the heading Page Type on the Create your Profile page. Team members can be listed in the “Your story or sporting dreams” box on the profile page. Please include a photo of the whole team or most of the members. All team members can share the link with their Facebook friends.

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