How to raise money

Once your profile page is looking good and you have received the link from us you are ready to start raising funds for your sporting goal.

As a Star profiled on the site you are most likely to receive funds from your friends and family.

Here are some tips for promoting your Star profile page.

  • If you are on Facebook or Twitter send a link to your friends and followers so that they can see what you are hoping to do.

  • Send a personal message to your close friends and family telling them about your Star profile page so that they can be first to donate and get the momentum going. Ask them to spread the message within their social networks.

  • If people ask you what you would like for your Birthday or Christmas send them a link to your page so that they can donate and leave you a Birthday or Christmas message.

  • If you are a member of a local sports club let people within your club know.

Some Stars who are already excelling at their sport may exceptionally get funding from total strangers who may live in the area and want to support their local community or are big fans of your sport. If you fall into such a category you may want to contact online communities who may be interested in your sport or who are based in your local area.